'Avatar” The Way of Water' sells over 3 million tickets in week since its release

Promotional poster for "Avatar: The Way of Water" at the Yongsan I’Park Mall branch of CGV in central Seoul [NEWS1]

James Cameron’s highly-anticipated “Avatar” The Way of Water” sold over 3 million tickets in the week since its release on Dec. 14.

According to film distributor Walt Disney Company Korea, the accumulated ticket sales for “Avatar” recorded over 3.07 million as of Tuesday 7 a.m.

The film has been topping the local box office chart since its release.

“Avatar” (2009) sold 3 million tickets nine days after its release.

However, the sequel has already been screen over 2,700 times, approximately four times more than the 2009 film.

“We really appreciate it, thank you so much,” Cameron said, thanking Korean audiences through a special clip released on YouTube to celebrate the film surpassing 3 million in ticket sales.

“This means great news, it means a lot to the cast including me,” said Zoe Saldana. “And the entire team. Thank you very much.”

“During my visit to Korea, I was amazed by the tremendous reactions from Korean fans,” said Sigourney Weaver. “And this news makes me realize once again, how great the love of Korean fans is for ‘Avatar.’”