'Bargaining' starring Hwang Jung-min, Hyun Bin to open in theaters in January

Main poster for ″Bargaining″ [PLUS M ENTERTAINMENT]

A new film starring Hwang Jung-min and Hyun Bin, titled “Bargaining,” will open in theaters in Korea on Jan. 18.

“Bargaining” revolves around the kidnapping of a Korean national by the Taliban. Hwang plays a diplomat charged with the mission of negotiating the release of the Korean citizen who gets sent to Kabul, Afghanistan, and Hyun Bin plays a National Intelligence Service agent.

Hwang’s and Hyun Bin’s characters have to settle their differences and work together to release the kidnapped Korean within 24 hours, or else the Taliban will kill the hostage.

Actor Kang Ki-young is also starring in the film, playing a streetwise Korean who has adapted to the streets of Kabul and is proficient with the language and surrounding culture.