'Carter' debuts at No. 1 on Netflix's weekly viewership chart of non-English films

A scene from Netflix's ″Carter″ featuring actor Joo Won [NETFLIX]

Director Jung Byung-gil’s action thriller "Carter," starring actor Joo Won, debuted at No. 1 on Netflix's latest weekly viewership chart of non-English films, according to the streaming platform on Tuesday.

The film, which was released on Aug. 5, accumulated 27.3 million hours of viewing for the week of Aug. 1 to 7, becoming the first Korean-language film to top Netflix’s chart in the category. Netflix has been releasing weekly viewership data since June of last year.

The highest a Korean movie has reached was No. 2, which was achieved by "The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure” for the week of Feb. 28 to March 6.

"Carter” is about a man who wakes up missing his memories. Directed by a mysterious voice from a device in his ear, he sets off on a hostage rescue mission rife with danger.

Meanwhile, the ongoing ENA series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” remains secure in the top spot on Netflix’s 10 most-watched non-English series.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” launched on June 29, centers around the titular lawyer Woo Young-woo, a lovable genius with autism spectrum disorder, played by actor Park Eun-bin.