'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' is No. 1 on Netflix’s 10 most-watched non-English series

A scene from “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” on ENA. [ENA]

The ongoing ENA series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is back in the top spot on Netflix’s 10 most-watched non-English series, according to the streaming platform on Wednesday.

It was streamed for over 65.63 million hours between July 25 and 31, leaving a large gap between the No. 2 most-watched drama series “Alba” that accumulated 33,52 million hours.

The Korean drama series has remained in the top for two consecutive weeks since July 4, however, was overtaken by “Alba” in the third week of July.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” launched on June 29, centers around the titular lawyer Woo Young-woo, a lovable genius with autism spectrum disorder, played by actor Park Eun-bin.

Each episode of the series revolves around a different case and the people Woo encounters through her job at a major law firm. She proceeds to resolve each case using her unique thought process and crushes the prejudice of people who look down on her for her autism.
“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” airs every Wednesday and Thursday.