'In Our Prime' tops box office for two days straight

The poster for film ″In Our Prime,″ starring Choi Min-sik [SHOWBOX]

The film “In Our Prime,” which stars actor Choi Min-sik, topped the box office for two days straight after its premiere on Wednesday.

According to the Korea Box Office Information System (Kobis) on Friday, 16,991 moviegoers saw the movie on Thursday, accumulating a total of 106,320 in ticket sales.

“In Our Prime” beat “The Batman,” which had been No. 1 since hitting local theaters on March 1.

“In Our Prime” is about a North Korean defector who is also a math genius, played by Choi. He works as a security guard at a high school to hide his identity and meets a student who has given up on math.

The film currently has an 8.57 audience rating out of 10 on Naver.

Choi debuted in 1990 in the KBS television drama series “The Time of Ambition” (translated) (1990-91). He is most famous for his roles in the films “Oldboy” (2003), “I Saw the Devil” (2010) and “New World” (2013). Choi was also in the film “Lucy” (2014), which stars Scarlett Johansson.