'The Glory' Part 2 to release Friday evening on Netflix

Actor Song Hye-kyo as Moon Dong-eun in ″The Glory″ Part 2 [NETFLIX]

Part 2 of Netflix’s hit drama “The Glory” is set for release Friday, and all eyes are on whether the series can continue the success of Part 1.

Part 2, which is comprised of episodes nine to 16, will be unveiled at 5 p.m. Friday. Part 1 closely depicted the process of protagonist Moon Dong-eun’s — played by actor Song Hye-kyo — revenge on those who had perpetrated school bullying and violence for years during her childhood.

In Part 2, Dong-eun’s revenge plan unfolds in earnest. Director Ahn Gil-ho hinted to local press that “the fight between Dong-eun and Yeon-jin [the main bully, played by Lim Ji-yeon] will begin for real in Part 2,” and that “all foreshadowed plotlines will be resolved.”

One of the points to watch out for in Part 2 of “The Glory” is the whereabouts of the missing girl Yoon So-hee, played by newcomer Lee So-i.

Actor Lim Ji-yeon as Park Yeon-jin in ″The Glory″ Part 2 [NETFLIX]

In Part 1, Dong-eun told another member of Yeon-jin’s gang of vicious school bullies that the body of So-hee, another victim, had been left in the morgue of a hospital for over 18 years. When Son Myeong-oh, played by Kim Gun-woo, hears of the possibility that So-hee’s death could be a murder, he tries desperately to cover it up by threatening the would-be culprit with money, but suddenly disappears. When So-hee’s mortuary room is later opened, it is empty.

Part 2 will reveal who was really behind So-hee’s death, where Son Myeong-oh had disappeared to, and to where So-hee’s body was moved.

Actor Jung Sung-il as Ha Do-yeong in ″The Glory″ Part 2 [NETFLIX]

Another character to watch out for is Yeon-jin’s husband Ha Do-young. Actor Jung Sung-ill, who plays Do-young, reportedly said that “of all the characters, Do-young will fall into the abyss of desperation most and will be in despair and anger” in Part 2.

Whether Dong-eun will forgive her mother, played by Park Ji-ah, who had turned away from her daughter’s pain and victimization when Dong-eun most needed support, will be another key point to watch out for.

“The Glory” debuted at No. 5 on the streaming charts of Netflix’s rankings for non-English language shows and climbed to No. 3 in January.

Actor Lim Ji-yeon as Park Yeon-jin in ″The Glory″ Part 2 [NETFLIX]