Lee Hyo-ri and Girls' Generation's Yoona apologize after live-streaming from noraebang

Yoona and Lee Hyo-ri on Instagram live broadcast [SCREEN CAPTURE]

Singer Lee Hyo-ri and Yoona of girl group Girls’ Generation apologized for visiting a noraebang, or singing room, known as places with a high risk of Covid-19 transmission, on Thursday.

Lee and Yoona visited a noraebang in Apgujeong-dong of Gangnam District, southern Seoul, on Wednesday night.

When the pair took to Instagram live while at the establishment, followers voiced concerns, such as, "Can you go to noraebang at this time?" and "Are you guys using a mask?"

Realizing the situation, the live-stream ended in about two minutes. However, the video spread through the online community, resulting in criticism.

"I am currently deeply reflecting on the fact that my behavior last night was not appropriate for a time when I should still have been exercising caution,” Lee posted on her Instagram on Thursday.

Yoona also posted a handwritten apology on her Instagram on the same day.

“I am sincerely reflecting on myself for causing concern due to my careless action," Yoona said. "My thoughts and judgment were poor during this period when everyone is having a hard time and should be careful.”

She also apologized to medical professionals and those who are fighting against Covid-19.