A.C.E to drop EP 'My Girl: My Choice' in full return from military

Boy band A.C.E will release their sixth EP as a complete unit for the first time in three years. [BEAT INTERACTIVE]

Boy band A.C.E will release its sixth EP "My Girl : 'My Choice'" on Feb. 22, according to its agency Beat Interactive.

It's the first EP the group will release as a full unit since all members returned from mandatory military service. It released its last EP, "Siren : Dawn," three years ago. The title is a reference to the band’s fan community, nicknamed Choice.

The band announced the EP's title and release date on social media and through its new official website on Monday.

The website opens to a homepage reminiscent of Netflix’s UI design, with the band’s public project “Petflix” on the page. “Petflix” recruits fans for the band's music videos.

A total of 50 participants were recruited in January for the “dance category” of the project, and the members are set to teach them the choreography for the music video.

A.C.E debuted in 2017 with the single "Cactus." The band has five members: Park Jun-hee, Lee Dong-hun, Wow, Kim Byeong-kwan and Kang Yu-chan.

The band released a Christmas-themed song, “Christmas Love,” in December last year. All members excluding Kang Yu-chan participated, due to Kang's service in the military.

A.C.E will sing at a busking performance at the Starfield Coex Mall in Gangnam District, southern Seoul, on Feb. 16.

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