Action comedy 'Cross' now filming, with actors Hwang Jung-min, Yum Jung-ah, Jeon Hye-jin

From left, actors Hwang Jung-min, Yum Jung-ah and Jeon Hye-jin [SEM COMPANY, ARTIST COMPANY, HODU ENTERTAINMENT]

Action comedy film "Cross," starring actors Hwang Jung-min, Yum Jung-ah and Jeon Hye-jin, started filming on July 24, according to distribution company Megabox Plus M on Monday.

The action comedy is mixed with espionage, centering around the story of a former intelligence agent. Played by Hwang, the ex-agent hides his tumultuous past and is now living as a devoted stay-at-home family man, while his wife, played by Yum, is a key member of the Violent Crimes Investigation Unit.

The agent leads a normal life until he becomes embroiled in an incident one day, during which he runs into a junior agent from his former agency, played by Jeon.

Hwang is a veteran actor best known for his roles in films “New World” (2013) and “Veteran” (2015).