Actor Kim Hee-sun to return to silver screen next year in 'Sweet'


Actor Kim Hee-sun will return to the silver screen for the first time in 19 years through the film “Sweet,” said distribution company Mindmark on Monday.

According to Mindmark, the filming for “Sweet” (translated) recently began. The star-studded cast also includes actors Yoo Hai-jin, Cha In-pyo, Jin Seon-kyu, Jung Da-eun and “Work Later, Drink Now” (2021-22) star Han Sun-hwa.

After debuting in 1993, Kim was active in Korean cinema until the early 2000s, starring in “Bichunmoo” (2000) and “Wanee & Junah” (2001). She also made her debut in the Chinese market through Jackie Chan’s 2005 film “The Myth.” Her last Korean film appearance was in “A Letter From Mars” in 2003, but she has been active on the small screen, starring in K-dramas “Faith” (2012), “Angry Mom” (2015), “The Lady in Dignity” (2017) and most recently “Tomorrow” (2022).

“Sweet” will tell the story of a researcher at a confectionery company named Chi-ho, played by Yoo, who specializes in developing addictive flavors. His life changes when he meets a woman named Il-young, played by Kim, who works at a customer call center.

Cha will play Chi-ho’s older brother Seok-ho, with whom Chi-ho has an uncomfortable relationship. Jin Seon-kyu will play Byung-hoon, the charming son of the CEO at the confectionary company.

The screenplay is written by director Lee Byeong-heon of the 2019 hit comedy film “Extreme Job” and directed by Lee Han, the director behind the drama film “Innocent Witness” (2019). “Sweet” will hit local theaters next year.