Actor Kim Sae-ron withdraws from play due to health issues

Actor Kim Sae-ron was fined 20 million won ($14,480) in April 2023 after being caught driving under the influence [YONHAP]

Actor Kim Sae-ron’s return to acting has been derailed due to health issues, according to the organizers of a play she was scheduled to appear in.

Kim will step down from her role in the upcoming play “Dongchimi,” the play's organizers said Thursday — a day after it was reported that she would return to acting.

“Dongchimi” was supposed to be Kim’s first role in two years, after she was caught driving under the influence in May 2022. She damaged several lampposts and guardrails in Gangnam District, southern Seoul, and was fined 20 million won ($14,480) in April last year.

“Dongchimi,” which first opened in 2009, is a story about an elderly couple and their three children. Dongchimi refers to radish water kimchi. Kim was supposed to play the role of a young daughter, Jeongyeon.

Kim debuted as an actor in the 2009 film “A Brand New Life.” She is mostly known for her role in “The Man from Nowhere,” a 2010 film starring actor Won Bin.

She also played a supporting role in the Netflix series "Bloodhounds" (2023), based on the webtoon of the same name, but had her appearances in the series reduced after her drunk-driving incident.