Actor Kim Tae-hee fined by National Tax Service for advertising fee blunder

Actor Kim Tae-hee [NEWS1]

Actor Kim Tae-hee was fined an unspecified sum in the millions of won by the National Tax Service, according to local reports Thursday.

The National Tax Service conducted an investigation in 2021 on Kim and her then-agency Lua Entertainment and confirmed that she had unpaid taxes and gave Kim a fine.

Story J Company, Kim’s current agency, issued a statement on Thursday saying that the unpaid taxes were due to an advertising fee being paid to Kim later than a promised date.

“At the time, the payment of an advertising fee was delayed, and this coincided with the termination of the contract with Kim’s former agency,” read the statement by Story J Company. “Kim reported her taxes faithfully, but due to differences in how the advertising fee is to be issued — to the actor herself or to her former agency — additional fines were incurred.”

Story J Company said that nothing “unsavory” transpired and that the agency hoped to make it clear that the fine was paid in whole to the National Tax Service.

The National Tax Service has previously conducted special investigations on actors Lee Byung-hun and Kwon Sang-woo and collected additional taxes.