Actor So Ji-sub unveils his first Instagram account

Actor So Ji-sub [INSTAGRAM]

Actor So Ji-sub opened a personal Instagram account Monday for the first time since his debut in 1995.

His Instagram handle is "soganzi_51," a mix of the name of his agency 51 Company, an actor management agency which he founded and his Korean nickname “soganzi,” which is a compound word of his surname and the word “ganzi” which means snazzy.

The first post the actor uploaded is a photo from a shoot with jeans brand Storm, from when he officially debuted in the entertainment industry in 1995 as a model.

Under the photo, the actor wrote, “this is how it all started... #Storm.”

The actor has recently starred in director Choi Dong-hoon’s sci-fi fantasy film franchise “Alienoid Part 1” (2022) and MBC drama series “Doctor Lawyer” (2022).