Actors Lee Jang-woo, Jo Hye-won in romantic relationship

Actors Lee Jang-woo and Jo Hye-won [YONHAP]

Actor Lee Jang-woo is dating fellow actor Jo Hye-won, Lee’s agency Hunus Entertainment shared Thursday.

“As reported, the two [actors] met through their work […] and their relationship has grown into a romantic relationship,” Hunus Entertainment said in a press release.

The agency also asked people to be supportive of the two actors' relationship.

Lee, who is 37 years old, is nine years older than Jo.

Lee is an actor, singer and TV personality who started his acting career in the 2006 MBC drama “90 Days, Time to Love.” He made his debut as a singer in 2009 but is currently focusing on acting, taking lead roles in “Glory Jane” (2011), “My Only One” (2018), “Graceful Family” (2019), “Homemade Love Story” (2020) and more. He also appeared on MBC’s reality show “Home Alone” (2013~) and “The Restaurateur Paik” (2023).

Jo made her debut through the short film “Whatever” in 2014 and appeared in TV dramas “Mine” (2021), “Military Prosecutor Doberman” (2022) and the Netflix series “Queenmaker” (2023).

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