aespa announces first virtual reality concert

“Lynk-pop: The 1st VR Concert aespa,” aespa's virtual reality (VR) concert will be available at Megabox COEX starting Oct. 25. [AMAZE VR]

aespa will be back with a concert in the virtual reality world.

Titled "Lynk-pop: The 1st VR Concert aespa," the girl group's virtual reality (VR) concert will be available at Megabox COEX theaters starting Oct. 25.

aespa's hit tracks will be featured in the 30-minute-long VR concert, according to AmazeVR, co-creators of the concert.

The 30-minute-long VR concert will feature aespa's hit tracks.

A short version of the VR concert was first unveiled at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference and Festivals in March.

"The VR concert perfectly matches aespa's meaning of traveling between virtual spaces, and we're so excited for MYs to experience the show," Studio Realive CEO Lee Seung-woo said in a press release.

aespa, since its debut in 2020, has been focusing on the group's fictional universe where the four members go back and forth between Kwangya — a virtual world — and the "real world" to save the universe, alongside four other virtual members of aespa.

The VR concert experience was co-developed by AmazeVR, a U.S.-based company specializing in creating VR concert platforms, alongside Studio Realive, an SM Entertainment subsidiary. Studio Realive was previously known as Studio Kwangya.

Meta Quest 3 VR headsets, Meta's VR headsets set to release this fall, will be used for the concert experience. It will be one of the first chances to try the new headsets, according to AmazeVR.

Tickets will be divided into two tiers, with the standard package including a custom ticket, wristband, VR mask and one photocard, and a VIP package, which includes two additional photo cards.

Tickets to the concert will be sold starting next Wednesday, 10 a.m., on Megabox and convenience store GS 25's mobile applications.

"aespa's first-ever VR concert in collaboration with AmazeVR is expected to be a special spatial experience that can only be experienced at Megabox," the multiplex chain's CEO Hong Jeong-in said in a press release.