aespa, Stray Kids return to charts with their new music [GLOBAL K-POP CHART]


Circle Chart's Global K-pop chart for the week of Nov. 12 saw girl group aespa and boy band Stray Kids' return to the chart with new music they both dropped on Nov. 10.

"Drama," the lead track of aespa's fifth EP of the same name, landed No. 4 on the chart for the third week of November (Nov. 12–18). The album sold more than 1.13 million copies in the first week of release. The hip-hop and dance score contains the group's ambitious message that "all story begins with aespa."

Stray Kids' "Lalalala" followed shortly after at No. 5. "Lalalala" is the lead track of Stray Kids' eighth EP "Rock-Star." "Lalalala" sings the message that Stray Kids' music will continue no matter what happens.

"Lalalala" also landed No. 90 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart for the week of Nov. 25, becoming the boy band's first song to enter the chart, and the second boy band to land its song on the Billboard Hot 100 after BTS.


But Jungkook still remains strong on the Global K-pop weekly chart, with "Standing Next to You" holding the No. 1 position it achieved in the previous week, with "3D (feat. Jack Harlow)" one step down at No. 3 and "Explicit" and "Clean" versions of "Seven (feat. Latto)" at No. 6 and 7, both two steps down from the previous week.

Jungkook of BTS [BIGHIT MUSIC]

Right below "Standing Next to You" lies Le Sserafim's English single "Perfect Night" at No. 2, one step higher from the previous week. The digital single was released in collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment's online multiplayer shooter game Overwatch 2.

The song is seeing impressive popularity in Korea, being the first English song from a K-pop girl group to top Melon's Top 100 streaming chart as of Sunday.

The remaining two places of the top 10 on the Global K-pop chart went to the two fourth-generation K-pop girl groups, with NewJeans's "Super Shy" landing at No. 8 and IVE's "Baddie" at No. 9


Circle Chart's Global K-pop Chart combines streaming data from platforms worldwide, including Korean steaming services Melon, Genie, Flo, Bugs, Vibe and international streaming services Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube.