'aespa: World Tour in cinemas' to hit Korean, Japanese theaters on April 10

aespa ’s concert film “aespa: World Tour in cinemas” will hit Korean and Japanese theaters on April 10[CJ 4DPLEX]

Girl group aespa’s concert film “aespa: World Tour in cinemas” will hit local and Japanese theaters on April 10, the film’s distributor CJ 4DPlex said Thursday.

It will have screenings on April 24 and 27 worldwide, with screening dates varying depending on the region.

The film documents the group’s concert in London on Sep. 28, 2023, at the O2 Arena, which was one of the stops for the group’s first world tour, “SYNK: Hyper Line.” The group put on 31 performances in 21 cities across four continents.

The film contains 21 tracks performed by the group members, including group and solo performances, according to CJ 4DPlex. The tracklist includes the group’s hits such as “Next Level,” “Savage,” “Girls,” “Spicy,” “Black Mamba,” “Salty & Sweet” and “Illusion.”

It also shows exclusive interviews and behind-the-scene footage of the members preparing for the concert.

“'aespa: World Tour in cinemas’ will provide a glimpse into the chemistry between the members as well as their affection for [their fans] MY,” CJ 4DPlex said.

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