AKMU donates 141 million won to welfare and environmental agencies to mark 10th anniversary


Sibling duo AKMU continued its 10th anniversary celebrations with a 141 million won ($102,350) donation to local welfare and environment institutions, its agency, YG Entertainment, said Tuesday.

The duo gave 47 million won each to Green Asia, Severance Hospital and the Korea Youth Counseling & Welfare Institute (KYCWI) to commemorate their debut date, April 7. AKMU made its donations as thanks to its fans, who have been alongside the singers on their music journey, the agency said.

The money donated to Green Asia will be used to plant trees in Mongolia to prevent desertification, and the forest will be named “AKMU Forest of Love” (translated). Donations to Severance Hospital will be used to support underprivileged people with rare, incurable diseases and by the KYCWI to aid in mental health treatment for secluded and isolated teenagers who cannot attend school.

According to YG Entertainment, the duo chose the organizations and their causes because they were attached to Mongolia, where the siblings spent their childhood, and to help teenagers who find it challenging to fit in society.

AKMU, also known as Akdong Musician, consists of siblings Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Su-hyun. The duo debuted under YG Entertainment in April 2014 with its first album, “Play.”

Also, in celebration of 10 years since their debut, the singers coined a name for their fan club, Akkademy, in March and will hold two concerts in June.

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