Ateez and xikers' outfits to feature at L.A. Grammy Museum's first-ever K-pop exhibition

Ateez and xikers' outfits and props will be showcased in an exhibition at the L.A. Grammy Museum. [KQ ENTERTAINMENT]

Boy bands Ateez and xikers' outfits and props will be showcased in an exhibition at the L.A. Grammy Museum's first-ever K-pop exhibition, organized by the bands' label, KQ Entertainment.

Titled "KQ ENT. (Ateez & xikers): A Grammy Museum Pop-Up," the exhibition will be held for two months from April 10 until June 10 at the Grammy Museum's third-floor red carpet gallery in downtown Los Angeles. It will be the first among many K-pop exhibits and programs held at the museum over the next two years.

One of the exhibition's highlights will be the main outfits Ateez wore and the props shown in the music video for "Crazy Form." The song is the lead track from the band's fourth full-length album "The World EP.Fin: Will" (2023), which landed at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 right after its release.

Also featured will be xikers' outfits from the band's EP "House of Tricky: Trial and Error," which the members wore in their music video for "We Don't Stop." xikers member Junghoon's outfit from the band's debut EP "House of Tricky," which was featured in a performance of the title track "Tricky House," will have a special spot.

"It is an honor to show our pieces from our music releases at the Grammy Museum. We're glad to be able to share the outfits and props from our music videos," Ateez members said through KQ Entertainment's press release on Thursday. xikers added on with wishes for the viewers to have a lovely experience at the museum.

"Korean pop music is one of the greatest phenomena in the history of recorded music and culture," said Michael Sticka, the museum's president and CEO.

"The Grammy Museum plans to celebrate the world of K-pop, its much-deserved success, and worldwide chart-breaking artists by curating dedicated exhibits and programming over the next two years. We look forward to launching this series with exclusive outfits and props from xikers and Ateez."

The pop-up exhibition at the museum will open just ahead of Ateez's debut at Coachella Festival on April 12 and 19 as the first K-pop boy band to perform at North America's largest music festival.

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