Billlie's Moon Sua and Suhyeon make comeback after health-related hiatus

Billlie members Suhyeon, pictured left, and Moon Sua [MYSTIC STORY]

Billlie members Moon Sua and Suhyeon, who took time off last year due to health issues, will resume their activities with the girl group starting Friday, their agency Mystic Story announced on the same day.

The members’ return was confirmed in a notice uploaded to the group’s fan club website by Mystic Story.

“Moon Sua and Suhyeon, who temporarily halted their activities due to health problems, have improved vastly through long periods of rest,” the notice said.

The notice said that careful discussions, based on the members’ willingness and medical advice, have led to their safe return to group activities, effective immediately.

The agency expressed gratitude to the group’s fans for their unwavering support and assured that the artists’ well-being and safety would remain paramount.

Moon left a message for her fans on the communication platform Weverse on Friday.

She shared updates on her activities during the break, including traveling, spending time with friends, enjoying good food and exercising.

“I would think of [our fans], Belllie’ve, from time to time after looking at pretty things. I would be at home absent-minded then look at what Belllie’ve wrote to me and smile, cry and miss everyone,” she said.

“I decided to return as a stronger person. I may be a bit late but I sincerely thank everyone who believed in me and waited for me.”

Moon initially took a break in April last year, returning after two months, but announced a second hiatus in September. Suhyeon will make her comeback after a 10-month break following her suspension of activities in June due to health issues.

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