Boy band Vanner named winners of JTBC's 'Peak Time'

Scenes from the final episode of JTBC's audition program ″Peak Time″ [JTBC]

Boy band Vanner was named the winner of cable channel JTBC's K-pop audition-slash-survival show "Peak Time," taking home 300 million won ($226,000) in prize money.

"Peak Time" started in February to give 24 lesser-known boy bands that have never reached their “peak” a second chance with a new album and large-scale promotional events including a global showcase.

All bands were referred to by different times such as 01:00, 02:00 and 05:00. Vanner, which was 11:00, was deemed the likely winner from early on thanks to its top-tier performance skills in both vocals and dance.

Votes were taken from around the world. Vanner received 293,219 votes in total.

"I feel so honored and I finally feel like I'm fulfilling my duties as a son," member Hyeseong said. "I thank my parents so much. The best thing about 'Peak Time' is that I got to make so many unique and good friends."

Five other bands made it to the final round: MASC, DKB (pronounced dark bee), BAE173, Mont and the group featuring Moon Jong-up of boy band B.A.P, former Topdog member B-Joo, Heedo of B.I.G and Gon of Argon.

"Peak Time" received positive reviews from fans and viewers for its heart-warming concept and goal to revive smaller groups but struggled to get high viewership ratings amid steep competition from other ongoing audition programs such as Mnet's "Boys Planets" and MBC's "Boys Fantasy."