Boy band ZeroBaseOne to release new album in May

Boy band ZeroBaseOne [WAKEONE]

ZeroBaseOne will release a new album in May, the band’s agency WakeOne said in a press release Monday.

The upcoming album will be ZeroBaseOne’s first release in Korea in six months after the band released its second EP, “Melting Point,” in November last year. The album’s title and specific release date were not revealed.

ZeroBaseOne members Zhang Hao, pictured left, and Sung Han-bin were KCON Hong Kong 2024's hosts for the festival on Sunday. [WAKEONE]

The album's teaser video, titled “Summer Came Early,” was first shown at the KCON Hong Kong 2024 festival on Sunday, during the second day of the festival. The band performed on Sunday, while members Sung Han-bin and Zhang Hao served as the KCON hosts for the day.

The video, also uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, starts with a photo montage of scenery, including photos of beaches and the ocean, over which the members narrate in a mixture of Korean, Chinese and English. The video ends with footage of the members taking a group photo.


ZeroBaseOne, also known as ZB1, is a project group formed through cable network Mnet's audition program “Boys Planet.” The band is scheduled to be active until 2026, two and a half years after its first release on July 10, 2023.

The band held its first Japanese fan concerts, “2024 ZeroBaseOne Fan-Con In Japan,” on March 23 and 24, following the release of its first Japanese single, “yurayura -unmeinohana-,” on March 20. The band has since achieved multiple milestones with “yurayura -unmeinohana-” in Japan, such as setting the record for the most copies sold for a non-Japanese act’s debut release in Japan.

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