'Boycott NCT': Fans criticize boy band for collaboration with allegedly 'pro-Israel' Starbucks

Taeyong of boy band NCT [SM ENTERTAINMENT]

Members of boy band NCT are under fire for the group's collaboration with Starbucks Korea — except for member Taeyong.

Fans have been criticizing the NCT's decision to collaborate with the Starbucks brand on social media accounts amid the ongoing violence in the Middle East, where the coffee company has become known as "pro-Israel" when it comes to the conflict.

Starbucks Korea is teaming up with K-pop boy band NCT for an exclusive collaboration of food, drink and merchandise from Thursday to July 4. [STARBUCKS KOREA]

The attack on NCT members came as part of the ongoing global boycott against Starbucks after SM Entertainment announced Thursday that NCT is teaming up with Starbucks Korea for an exclusive food, drink and merchandise collaboration until July 4.

Starbucks Korea is a separate company from the main U.S. Starbucks brand. Starbucks sold off all its shares in the Korean company in 2021, which is currently 67.5 percent owned by retail giant Emart — with the rest owned by Singapore's GIC sovereign wealth fund. The collaborative items will only be sold in Korea.

Still, NCT members have been losing followers on their social media accounts. Comments called them out for "shameful" deeds on social media, and Twitter, now known as X, was flooded with pictures reading, "#SM_boycott_genocide."

Amid the commotion, member Taeyong uploaded a very short Instagram story post reading only the word "Boycott" on Thursday evening. He did not refer to anything specific and the post was taken down 10 minutes after, but international fans still applauded him for his "courage."

Taeyong is currently serving his military duty, which began last month. He is set to be discharged in December 2025.

Numerous K-pop celebrities have had to apologize or take down any photographs related to Starbucks after criticism from international online users, namely Le Sserafim's Huh Yun-jin, Enhypen's Jake and singer Jeon Somi.