BTS member RM takes time off military service to enjoy art

RM of boy band BTS uploaded 10 photos taken at exhibitions in multiple galleries to his Instagram on Sunday. [SCREEN CAPTURE]

BTS's RM took time out from his military service to enjoy the fine arts, posting updates of his gallery visits in a post to Instagram on Sunday.

The post — RM's first on Instagram in two months — showcased various exhibitions that he has visited recently.

RM uploaded photos at four different art exhibitions, two of which were in Seoul: the Philippe Parreno exhibition at the Leeum Museum of Art and the Kim Yun-shin exhibition at the Kukje Gallery. He also visited a Buddhist art exhibition titled "Unsullied, Like a Lotus in the Mud" at the Ho-Am Art Museum and another at the Sorol Art Museum in Gangneung.

Titled “VOICES,” Parreno’s exhibition at the Leeum Museum includes artworks featuring artificial intelligence technology and runs until July 7.

Meanwhile, Kim’s exhibition at the Kukje Gallery showcases the first-generation female sculptor’s wood and stone pieces, as well as paintings made over her six-decade career. It runs through April 28.

The “Unsullied, Like a Lotus in the Mud” exhibition at the Ho-Am Art Museum examines Korean, Chinese and Japanese Buddhist art through the lens of gender and runs until June 16.

One of RM's photos uploaded to Instagram features a Buddhist sculpture currently on display at the ″Unsullied, Like a Lotus in the Mud” exhibition at the Ho-Am Art Museum. [SCREEN CAPTURE]

RM has been very public about his appreciation for the fine arts and frequently posted photos from his trips to exhibitions and galleries on his social media pages before starting his army service in December last year. He is also known as an avid art collector.

Six pieces owned by RM were shown at an exhibition of painter Chang Ucchin’s artworks held at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

An exhibition on abstract painter Yoo Young-kuk, slated to take place at the Venice Biennale, will also feature a piece owned by the rapper.

RM is currently serving his military service, which is set to end in June 2025.

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