BTS pop-up store 'Monochrome' — in pictures

A BTS pop-up store has opened in eastern Seoul's Seongsu-dong neighborhood under the name "Monochrome."

"Monochrome" revolves around the theme of "memory clouds," which are "clouds containing memories of the time that BTS and ARMY spent together." These memory clouds are stored inside bottles.

The pop-up store will open at 11 a.m. on Friday and will be held until May 12.

Before entering the store, visitors must register at the kiosk. Although there weren't many fans waiting outside, the kiosk indicated that over 600 groups were anticipating entry into the pop-up store.

BTS's pop-up store ″Monochrome,″ currently being held at the Ap Again event venue in Seongdong District, eastern Seoul from Friday to May 12. [CHO YONG-JUN]
People wait outside BTS's pop-up store ″Monochrome.″ Visitors are required to register on-site before entering the pop-up store. [CHO YONG-JUN]
A picture outside BTS's pop-up store ″Monochrome,″ which will be open until May 12. [CHO YONG-JUN]
All visitors of the BTS's pop-up store ″Monochrome″ will receive a special BTS-themed luggage tag. [CHO YONG-JUN]
The pop-up store is themed around a logistics center containing ″memory clouds,″ which are memories that BTS and ARMY spent together. [CHO YONG-JUN]
Framed BTS photos run along the walls in the pop-up store. [CHO YONG-JUN]
Each member has an individual canvas picture, with group pictures elsewhere in the store. [CHO YONG-JUN]
BTS merchandise is available inside the store for ARMY to further build their collection. [CHO YONG-JUN]
The pop-up store is open now and visitors have until May 12 to visit. [CHO YONG-JUN]