BTS pop-up store to open in Seoul's Seongsu-dong area


A BTS pop-up store will open in eastern Seoul's Seongsu-dong neighborhood on April 26 under the name Monochrome, according to the band's agency BigHit Music.

Monochrome will revolve around the theme of "memory clouds," which are "clouds containing memories of the time that BTS and ARMY spent together." These memory clouds are stored inside bottles.

ARMY is the name of BTS's fan club.

A website related to the store opened earlier this week with the concept of a logistics tracking website. Visitors can find out more about the pop-up store by completing the websites challenges.

The poster for BTS's ″Monochrome″ pop-up store [BIGHIT MUSIC]

Visitors must use the site to check the status of "deliveries," just like an online shopping mall. The "delivery number" and pass code are a combination of dates and words that are related to BTS and ARMY, which must be guessed by the visitors. Hints are given on the website.

The details of the pop-up store are revealed on the website once visitors enter the right pass code and get access to their own memory cloud.

The offline store will feature never-before-seen portraits of the BTS members as well as other on-site events, according to BigHit Music.

"The diverse content and [offline] space are connected in one story through the active participation of ARMY," BigHit Music said.

All members of BTS are currently completing their military service. The first member to finish will be Jin, who is scheduled to be dismissed in June this year.

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