BTS-themed Minions merchandise debuts with release of 'Despicable Me 4'

″Despicable Me 4″ collaboration characters with BTS. [UNIVERSAL PICTURES]

BTS and Minions are collaborating for the fourth installment of the popular "Despicable Me" series set to hit theaters on Monday.

The "Despicable Me 4" collaboration between animation studio Illumination and BTS will feature T-shirts, hoodies, trainers and tote bags with Minions styled as BTS members printed on them, according to Universal Pictures.

Minions are yellow creatures that do the bidding of the film series' protagonist, Gru. The BTS-styled Minions created for the collaboration were inspired by the iconic outfits from the band's single "Permission to Dance" (2021), according to the film company.

The collection will be available for pre-order online at Weverse Shop in the U.S. from Wednesday to July 1. The merchandise will also be available at U.S. fashion distributor Nordstrom and fashion brand Urban Outfitters, both in stores and online.

Seven-pack figures of the characters will also be available for pre-order starting Friday exclusively on the online retailer Entertainment Earth's website.

This collaboration celebrates the theatrical release of "Despicable Me 4" and the introduction of a new character, Poppy Prescott, a wannabe villain and also a member of the BTS fandom, ARMY.

The collaboration will also include the opening of pop-up stores in Los Angeles, Seoul and Tokyo under the theme "BTS ♥ Despicable Me 4," where fans can purchase the merchandise and enjoy interactive events themed around Poppy Prescott.

The "Despicable Me" film series kicked off with its first installment in 2010, becoming the ninth-highest grossing film with $54.3 million in sales the same year.

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