BTS's J-Hope confirms release date of EP 'Hope on the Street Vol.1'

J-Hope's ″Hope on the Street″ project consists of an EP and documentary [BIGHIT MUSIC]

J-Hope of boy band BTS will release his EP “Hope on the Street Vol.1” on March 29, with the related documentary series released the day before its drop, his agency BigHit Music said Monday.

"Hope on the Street,” a project consisting of the EP and a documentary under the same name, “continues the identity of the dance practice record series that J-Hope presented in 2015, also titled 'Hope on the Street,'" BigHit Music said in a press release on Sunday. A teaser video for the project was uploaded on the same day.

Boy band BTS's J-Hope will release EP ″Hope on the Street Vol.1″ on March 29 [BIGHIT MUSIC]

The upcoming six-track EP will revolve around street music, going back to the artist’s roots, his agency said Monday.

A six-episode documentary series of the same name was planned and shot in tandem with the EP.

The “Hope on the Street” documentary, also revolving around dance, will show J-Hope visiting Osaka, Paris, New York, Seoul and his hometown Gwangju to "communicate through movement" with the regions’ local dancers across a variety of genres, BigHit Music said.

Documentary ″Hope on the Street″ will hit streaming services on March 28 [BIGHIT MUSIC]

The first episode will be uploaded on March 28, on local streaming service Tving for Korean viewers and on Amazon Prime Video for international audiences.

J-Hope debuted with the seven-member boy band BTS in 2013, filling in as the main dancer of the group. He began his military service on April 18, 2023 and is expected to finish on Oct. 17 this year.

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