BTS’s J-Hope to make special appearance on dance show 'DNAcers'

BTS's J-Hope appeared in a teaser video for the upcoming dance competition show ″DNAcers″ announcing a special mission for the participants of the show. [SCREEN CAPTURE]

BTS’s J-Hope will make a special appearance on the upcoming dance competition show “DNAcers.”

The reality show, set to take place in Las Vegas, will feature popular dancers from around the world competing with each other.

In a teaser released on Monday, J-Hope announced a special mission in a video message, displayed outside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

“DNAcers” will include several trending dancers and teams, such as the B-Boying team Fusion MC, hip-hop dance crew Hanya, dance crews Emet Sound, Dokteuk and more.

Dancers Aiki, Lip J, Ri.hey and Harimu, stars of Mnet’s dancing competition program “Street Women Fighter,” will also appear on the show alongside amateur dancers, according to the show's production company, Studio GAAM, on Friday.

Hosting the show will be Sandara Park of girl group 2NE1, Lee Gikwang of boy band Highlight and Lee Dae-hwi of boy band AB6IX.

The first and second episodes of “DNAcers” will be released on Monday on streaming service Tving, with new episodes released every Monday.

J-Hope is currently in the Korean Army completing his military service. He is expected to finish his mandatory military service on Oct. 17. The singer will release his EP “Hope on the Street Vol.1” on March 29.

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Dance competition show ″DNAcers″ will release its first and second episodes on Monday on Tving [STUDIO GAAM]