BTS's Jungkook drops solo debut single 'Seven'

BTS's Jungkook dropped his first solo single ″Seven″ on Friday [BIGHIT MUSIC]

Having spent 10 years as the youngest member of BTS who has given the band's songs their perfecting vocal touch, Jungkook will now "show you what devotion is" and his personality as a lover with new single "Seven."

Jungkook dropped his first official music "Seven" on Friday, becoming the sixth BTS member to do so.

"Seven" is a summer love song with UK garage beats. In the love-filled serenade, Jungkook presents himself as a passionate lover ready to make love "Seven" days a week.

"As I embark on my solo activities alongside the release of 'Seven,' I'll be able to show you a brand new side of Jungkook that you've never seen before," Jungkook said in a video released before "Seven."

"When I first heard the song, I went, 'I have to take this song,'" he said. "There are not a lot of songs that I really get hooked to at first listen, but ['Seven' stuck with me], and I could even think of myself performing the song on stage."

"It's a song aimed for summer that I wish to enjoy with a lot of people. I think you'll be able to enjoy summer with 'Seven'," he said. "It's an addictive song that anyone can easily pick up and enjoy."

Jungkook promised solo performances as part of the promotion of the song. As the first performance, he will open for the 2023 Summer Concert Series with ABC's "Good Morning America" on Friday, local time, where he will perform "Seven" for the first time.

His fans were seen queuing outside Central Park in New York for the performance for days in anticipation of getting a real-life site the singer.

"As I recorded 'Seven,' I thought about how I can enjoy 'Seven' with even more audiences. [Therefore] I plan on performing on a cool stage, showing off even cooler performances," Jungkook said, asking the fans to anticipate the performance side of the song as well.

BTS's Jungkook dropped his first solo single ″Seven″ on Friday [BIGHIT MUSIC]

Before "Seven," Jungkook released two self-produced songs on SoundCloud, "Still With You" (2020) and "My You" (2022), but not commercially.

He also participated in different collaboration albums, with songs including "Stay Alive" (2022), a theme song for "7Fates: Chakho," a fantasy webtoon created in collaboration with BTS, and "Dreamers" (2022) for the official soundtrack of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

Jungkook's past releases have seen growing popularity with the anticipation toward the release of his first official single, "Seven."

Fans queuing for Jungkook's appearance at the GMA 2023 Summer Concert Series in New York [UPI/YONHAP]

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