BTS's RM, V complete basic military training as elite trainees

RM and V of boy band BTS [SCREEN CAPTURE]

BTS’s RM and V completed their basic military training as elite trainees on Tuesday.

RM posted photos on Instagram on the same day, including one of him and V saluting and one of an award certification given to elite trainees.

“I was worried and afraid about many things since I enlisted at a fairly old age,” RM was reported to have said by local media outlets, in a video that was shown during his training completion ceremony. “I lived with trainees who were mostly 10 years younger than me.”

“There were many experiences I would not have had if it were not for the training,” he added. “I was able to feel what comradeship is, which I had only heard about, while I marched with my fellow soldiers all night, cheering each other and looking up at the stars when we were under hardships.”

“I was able to naturally find the fun, fulfillment and meaning of military life. I want to show my gratitude.”

All members of BTS are currently completing their mandatory military service.

Members Jimin and Jungkook will finish their basic military training on Wednesday.