Busan to offer up to $30,500 in film funding

A scene from “The Devil’s Deal” (2022), which was filmed in Busan and sponsored by the Busan Film Commission [MEGABOX PLUSM]

Shoot a movie or TV drama in Busan and receive up to 40 million won ($30,500) worth of funding.

In a bid to promote Korea’s largest coastal city, the Busan Film Commission announced this week plans to sponsor movie or drama makers who shoot scenes in Busan this year, offering 250 million won in total.

In a press release on Tuesday, the commission said it would offer 20 million won for production companies who film in Busan for seven days or more, 30 million won for 15 days or more and 40 million won for 20 days or more.

The funds will cover expenses on lodging, food, fuel and renting out venues.

Applications will be received by the end of December and screened by the Busan Film Commission, said the group, adding that the project could close early if the budget is fully allocated.

The commission told the Korea JoongAng Daily that foreign production companies can also apply for funding.

“The project has helped revitalize the local economy as movies and drams filmed in Busan put a spotlight on the city’s tourism and cultural resources,” said a spokesperson for the Busan Film Commission, adding that the organization plans to come up with more ways to convince production companies to bring their works to Busan.

Over the years, Busan’s so-called Location Incentive Support Project has attracted numerous movies and dramas to the city, including “The Devil’s Deal,” a crime film featuring actor Cho Jin-woong, which is now in local theaters.

“The Devil’s Deal” was filmed in Busan from April to July 2020 throughout numerous locations and received 20 million won from the Busan Film Commission. Scenes were shot in residential areas, apartment complexes and roads in at least four different districts across the city.

“Rebound,” a movie about a high school basketball team in Busan, which hits local theaters next month, received 40 million won from the Busan Film Commission after filming in the city for more than 30 days last year.

The movie took place at a high school, former university, yachting center and bridge in Busan.

The Busan Film Commission said it funded 141 works in 2022 and 1,757 works to date. Other sponsored works include the movies “Decision to Leave” (2022), “Hunt” (2022), “Broker” (2022) and “The Man Standing Next” (2020).