California-based singer-songwriter Umi to visit Korea again for solo concert

Singer-songwriter Umi will return to Korea for a second concert in April. [LIVENATION KOREA]

R&B singer-songwriter Umi was never a household name in Korea, but her collaboration with BTS's V in "wherever u r" (2023) catapulted her already flourishing career to become one of the most prolific for a young indie musician.

The secret to her success? Pave your own path.

Umi says the unexpected collaboration with V came to fruition through the internet, when she invited V to make music together after the BTS member shared her music on Instagram last October.

“I was nervous, but I asked him if he wanted to make music together and he said yes!” the singer said in an email interview on Monday.

“We worked on the song over text, and it was such an amazing experience. V is a soulful artist. He cares about his fans and about using his music to make others happy. He has inspired me in many ways.”

Singer-songwriter Umi will return to Korea for a second concert in April. [LIVENATION KOREA]

The California-based singer-songwriter, who released her new EP “talking to the wind” in January, will hold a concert at the Myunghwa Live Hall in Yeongdeungpo District, western Seoul, on April 9.

Umi held her first concert in Korea in August last year, before she released the single "wherever u r” with V in December. The song topped the iTunes’ Worldwide Song Chart as well as the Top Song Chart in 89 regions.

The singer says she is looking forward to returning to Korea, with fond memories of talking to fans and receiving “cute gifts” such as “cakes and Korean snacks” after her first show.

California based singer-songwriter Umi [LIVENATION KOREA]

“I am excited to sing new songs with the fans! And to experience everyone becoming more comfortable with themselves! [I want them to be] more free to dance and sing,” Umi said.

"I am excited to perform “wherever u r” for the first time [in Korea]," she added.

And though nothing has been confirmed yet, the singer also said she is open to future collaborations with other Korean artists, should she get the chance.

“Sana from Twice, NewJeans, XG, P1Harmony, Hyukoh, Zion T and more songs with V and BTS to name a few,” the singer said, in response to which Korean artists she wanted to collaborate with.