Cast gives few answers to Coupang Play's mystery-filled series 'Hide'

The main cast and showrunner of Coupang Play's upcoming drama series ″Hide″ pose during a press conference at the Josun Palace hotel in Gangnam District, southern Seoul, on Tuesday. From left: actors Lee Moo-saeng and Lee Bo-young, showrunner Kim Dong-hwi, actors Lee Chung-ah and Lee Min-jae [YONHAP]

Coupang Play’s latest drama series “Hide,” slated to premiere on the over-the-top platform and JTBC on Saturday, revolves around so many secrets that even the cast actors were reluctant to give out too many answers.

The mystery suspense show stars Lee Bo-young, who plays Na Moon-young, a former prosecutor and current lawyer. Moon-young’s husband suddenly goes missing, and she must unravel the secrets behind his disappearance. The husband who goes MIA, Cha Sung-jae, is played by actor Lee Moo-saeng.

“It’s full of so many secrets, and my character has to deal with all the chaos that happens to her,” Lee Bo-young said during a press conference on Tuesday. "The reason I chose this show is that there are so many twists after twists that I was dying to know how the story ends after filming every episode.”

A scene from Coupang Play's ″Hide.″ Here shows actor Lee Bo-young as Na Moon-young. [COUPANG PLAY]

Lee Bo-young’s co-stars, actors Lee Chung-ah as Ha Yeon-joo, Moon-young’s friendly neighbor, and Lee Min-jae as Do Jin-woo, described to be a suspicious acquaintance, agreed.

“I remember getting the screenplay beforehand and begging the showrunner [Kim Dong-hwi] if I could get a sneak peek of the next episode,” Lee Chung-ah said.

“One thing everyone needs to know is that every character on this show besides mine is shady,” Lee Bo-young said.

“Really? I think your character is pretty shady, too,” Lee Moo-saeng said with a laugh.

A scene from Coupang Play's ″Hide″ [COUPANG PLAY]

All four actors and showrunner Kim, who was present during the press conference, constantly questioned each other mid-sentence with, “Am I allowed to say this?” or, “Is this too much?” and would stop themselves from spoiling the plot any more.

One example that is bound to leave the audience on the edge of their seats is the fact that Sung-jae ends up suddenly writing his own will — “but I can’t tell you why just yet,” Lee Moo-saeng said, sheepishly. “You would have to watch for yourself.”

Lee Min-jae, a budding actor who repeatedly said how “honored” he was to be able to act alongside the other three senior actors, was rather confident that his character was the core of the show, likening Jin-woo as “the key to many secrets.”

A scene from Coupang Play's ″Hide.″ Here shows actor Lee Chung-ah as Ha Yeon-joo. [COUPANG PLAY]
A scene from Coupang Play's ″Hide.″ Here shows actor Lee Moo-saeng as Cha Sung-jae. [COUPANG PLAY]

Showrunner Kim has previously directed rom-com shows KBS’s “Fight For My Way” (2017) and “The Tale of Nokdu” (2019), so the mystery suspense genre was a new challenge for him.

“My mother actually influenced me to try out this genre,” Kim said. “You see, she’s a drama fanatic. Her guesses are almost always correct. I kept wondering how correct my mother would be in predicting each scene for ‘Hide.’ Of course, some of you may be correct, but I hope that this show will be surprising to most.”

“Hide” premieres on Coupang Play at 10 p.m. on Saturday, with new episodes out every Saturday and Sunday. It is also broadcast on JTBC at 10:30 p.m. on the same days.