cignature, one member down, prepares for a new album

Girl group cignature [C9 ENTERTAINMENT]

Girl group cignature is gearing up for a new album release as it continues activities as a group of six without Belle.

“The [six] members are currently preparing for the upcoming album release and will be returning with a new album in the near future,” ciganture’s agency, C9 Entertainment, said in a post uploaded to the group's official fan cafe on Thursday.

“Belle will be active as a member of UNIS for 2.5 years […] We would like to thank everyone who supported Belle throughout the show,” C9 Entertainment added.

cignature debuted as a seven-member group in February 2020 with the single “Nun Nu Nan Na.” It has, however, been performing as a group of six since member Belle joined SBS's girl group audition program “Universe Ticket” in August under her real name, Jin Hyeon-ju. “Universe Ticket” aired its first episode in November; Belle was named one of the show's final eight members on Wednesday and subsequently debuted as a member of project group UNIS.

The girl group dropped its fourth EP, “Us in the Summer” (2023), shortly after Belle's departure.

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