Comedian Kim Shin-young to host KBS's 'National Singing Contest'

Kim Shin-young, the new host of "National Singing Contest," speaks during an interview with KBS. [SCREEN CAPTURE]

Comedian Kim Shin-young will be the new host of "National Singing Contest," according to KBS Tuesday.

"National Singing Contest" is KBS’s long-running weekly singing show which was hosted by Song Hae, a veteran television presenter, for 34 years.

There had been much speculation about who would fill the position after Song passed away on June 8.

“It is a great honor to be chosen as the new host as I grew up with the program,” said Kim in an interview video posted on KBS’s Youtube channel.

“I will try my best until my health and the public allows me to do so.”

Kim debuted as a comedian in 2003 on SBS’s "Gag Concert" and has been hosting a radio program at MBC since 2012.