Coupang Play apologizes to 'Anna' director after editing series without consent

Poster of Coupang Play original series ″Anna″ directed by Lee Zoo-young [COUPANG PLAY]

Coupang Play gave a sincere apology to "Anna" director Lee Zoo-young for making changes to the final version of "Anna" without the creatives' consent, according to an official statement from law firm Siwoo on Sunday.

"Director Lee Zoo-young received a sincere apology from the head of Coupang Play about the recent incident regarding the series 'Anna,' and was promised that her name as well as those of six other staff members will be deleted from the credits of the six-part version of the series, [as requested by Lee from the beginning]," read the statement.

The law firm said the recent apology came during a closed-door meeting with Coupang Play, Lee Zoo-young and The Directors Guild of Korea on Aug. 19.

"I hope that this incident brought back into light the importance of the creatives' moral rights to their work, especially during a time when the local media scene is evolving," said director Lee through another statement on Sunday.

Lee also emphasized that it is critical for everyone involved in the industry to work toward building an environment that "respects the works of creatives."

On Aug. 2, Lee had released a public statement through her law firm Siwoo, claiming "Anna"'s platform Coupang Play edited the footage without her consent and therefore “interfered with the show’s narrative, filming, editing and intention.”

She demanded that Coupang Play make a public apology; delete her name from the six-episode version currently on the platform; and release the director's cut version of the show which is comprised of eight episodes instead of six.

Following Lee's statement, on Aug. 12, Coupang Play released the director’s cut of “Anna” on its platform.

“Anna” is a psychological thriller starring actor Bae Suzy. Bae plays a character named Yu-mi, who ditches her identity and lives as someone else named Anna because of one lie that she told.