Court hearing set over HYBE's demand for ADOR shareholders meeting

Min Hee-jin, producer of girl group NewJeans and the CEO of its agency ADOR, during a press conference held in southern Seoul on April 25 [YONHAP]

The first court hearing on opening a shareholders meeting for ADOR, the subsidiary of K-pop powerhouse HYBE and the agency of girl group NewJeans, will take place on Tuesday afternoon.

The hearing will take place at the Seoul Western District Court at around 4:35 p.m. and will not be an open session.

This hearing follows an email sent by Min Hee-jin, CEO of ADOR and producer of NewJeans, to HYBE on Monday, stating that her company would not convene a shareholders meeting as requested by the parent company, even calling the request "illegal."

HYBE requested ADOR to hold a shareholders meeting after initiating an internal audit against the company. HYBE claimed that ADOR's CEO and NewJeans' producer, Min Hee-jin, was attempting to seize control of ADOR by involving a third-party investor.

HYBE filed a court request on Thursday to convene an extraordinary shareholders meeting, the same day it reported Min to police for breach of trust.

A court decision typically takes four to five weeks. Following the decision, the company is mandated to convene both a board meeting and a shareholders' meeting within 15 days.