Cravity finishes 'Masterpiece' world tour, thanks fans for support

Boy band Cravity ended its world tour in Macao on Saturday. [STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT]

For boy band Cravity, the year 2023 was “a time for learning and growth,” according to the members.

“We learned and grew a lot during this world tour, and we're grateful that all members could finish in good health,” Seongmin said in a press release on Monday, after wrapping up the band's first world tour in Macao on Saturday and releasing its sixth EP “Sun Seeker” in September.

The band kicked off its first world tour, titled “Masterpiece,” in Seoul on May 13 and performed in 14 cities including Tokyo, Osaka, New York and Los Angeles. The group has nine members: Serim, Woobin, Hyeongjun, Allen, Wonjin, Taeyoung, Jungmo, Minhee and Seongmin.

“We heard fans singing our songs in Korean in some cities before the concert started or before our encore stage,” Wonjin said in looking back on the world tour. “It made us realize that music can connect us all even though the language may be different. It was so heartwarming to hear them sing when we were backstage.”

Boy band Cravity ended its world tour in Macao on Saturday. [STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT]

During the tour, it also released “Sun Seeker” on Sept. 11 with the two lead tracks “Ready or Not” and “Cheese,” marking the band’s first album with two lead tracks.

“'Sun Seeker' was a meaningful album to us as we could send a number of [cheerful and supporting] messages to young people,” Jungmo said.

The band showcased its lead tracks and also its B-side track "Megaphone" during its promotion period.

“This album is especially memorable to us as we were able to show various sides of us all at once, ranging from a refreshing concept to a powerful one,” Serim said.

Cravity is also known for communicating with fans through short-form content via TikTok.


It launched three different challenges for the three tracks — “Ready or Not,” “Cheese” and “Megaphone” — and encouraged fans to participate.

“TikTok started off as a window for us to communicate with global fans, as we debuted during Covid-19,” Taeyoung said. “We got more into it as we worked harder, and the fans enjoyed it more.”

The album also surpassed the first-week sales of its previous EP “Master: Piece” within two days and reached over 300,000 copies in sales, which is a new record for the band.

“The members work hard to present an improved version of themselves after each album, and it is rewarding to receive positive feedback,” Allen said. “We also feel that we should keep on improving as we receive more love from people.”

Cravity debuted in April 2020 under Starship Entertainment with its EP “Hideout: Remember Who We Are – Season 1.”

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