Cube Entertainment's new boy band Nowadays to debut in April

Soon-to-debut boy band Nowadays [SCREEN CAPTURE]

Cube Entertainment's newest boy band Nowadays will debut on April 2, the agency said Monday.

The five-member group will release its first music next month "with great musical skills and visuals," the agency said in a press release.

The members are Hyeonbin, Yoon, Yeonwoo, Jinhyuk and Siyun. Videos introducing each member will be uploaded to the band's official YouTube channel in a series titled "Write about me NOW," according to the agency.

Nowadays is Cube Entertainment's first new boy band in eight years since Pentagon and its first new band in six years since (G)I-DLE.

Male Cube Entertainment artists have been signing with new agencies at the end of their seven-year contract. Only three members of Pentagon are still with Cube, while no members of boy band BTOB renewed.

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