D-Hack releases new EP 'Ashita no D'

Korean rapper D-Hack [YESMAN ENT]

Korean rapper D-Hack, known for his unique usage of Japanese language in his songs, will release his new EP "Ashita no D" today at 6 p.m., his agency Yesman Ent. said Sunday.

"Ashita no D," which means "Tomorrow's D," is a six-track EP with double lead tracks "Yozora no Shooting Star" — which means "Night sky's shooting star" — and "My Dear M," followed by other songs also with Japanese-themed titles.

"Ashita no D" carries a message of consolation for everyone trying to live with and overcome their own trauma, while "My Dear M" is an ode to both "Myself" and "Memories," according to the agency.

"I tried to experiment with a variety of genres and not just focus on one style for this album," D-Hack said in a press release. "It's an album that focused on carrying honest thoughts and emotions. I hope you enjoy."

Having debuted in 2016, he became famous in 2021 when his melodic hip-hop track "Ohayo My Night" (2020) climbed on local music charts through word-of-mouth, Fans particularly enjoy his use of the Japanese language in his songs, which is unusual for a Korean artist.