'Decision to Leave' actor Tang Wei stars in IU's ''Shh..' music video

Singer IU and actor Tang Wei in the music video for ″'Shh..″ [EDAM ENTERTAINMENT]

Actor Tang Wei is making her music video debut, starring alongside IU in the video for a track on the singer’s upcoming EP.

The "Decision to Leave" actress appeared in the teaser for “'Shh..,” a track on IU’s upcoming EP “The Winning,” posted to IU’s YouTube channel at midnight on Monday.

“Just like everyone else, I admire IU’s talent, personality and songs,” Tang Wei said of her decision to appear in the music video.

“It’s my first time starring in a music video since I started my [acting] career, but I’m happy to have done this with IU and learned a lot on set,” she added.

Regarding the character dynamics between her and IU in the video, she said “it’s an interesting relationship where IU plays the role of my mother as well as my friend.”

Ahead of the teaser reveal, IU’s agency announced the song would also feature girl group NewJeans member Hyeyin and singer-songwriter Cho Won-sun from the band Rollercoaster.

An unrevealed person will narrate the music video, according to the singer’s agency Edam Entertainment.

“The Winning” drops at 6 p.m. next Tuesday, and the full music video for “'Shh..” will be released at midnight on Feb. 22.
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