Don Lee's 'The Roundup: Punishment' packs a global punch with sales in 164 countries

A scene from the upcoming film ″The Roundup: Punishment″ [ABO]

"The Roundup: Punishment," the fourth installment in "The Outlaws" franchise starring Don Lee, has been sold to 164 countries, the film’s distributor ABO said on Friday.

This marks the highest number of countries to which distribution rights for a film in the series have been sold. The second installment, "The Roundup," and the third, "The Roundup: No Way Out," sold to 132 and 158 countries, respectively.

“The Roundup: Punishment” first premiered at the Special Gala section of this year’s Berlin International Film Festival, also known as the Berlinale, in February.

The film is set for release in Korean and Indonesian theaters on April 24. It will premiere in other regions at later dates.

Actor Kim Moo-yul will star as the film's antagonist. [ABO]

Its lead star, Lee, will return as cop Ma Seok-do who chases down criminals, this time in the Philippines. Actor Kim Moo-yul stars as drug lord Baek Chang-ki, also the head of an illegal online gambling organization.