Enhypen to release special album 'Memorabilia' on Monday

Boy band Enhypen [HYBE, BELIFT LAB]

Boy band Enhypen will turn into young vampires singing through the emotions of confusion, destiny and love in the band's newest album "Memorabilia," set for release on Monday at 6 p.m.

The new album’s song will dive into themes of “destined love” and “the existential concern as a vampire,” the boy band's agency, Belift Lab, said.

The album will have six tracks. The lead track, “Fatal Love,” is a rock ballad portraying the characters' confusion and feelings toward a person they believed they loved, according to the agency.

Two tracks, “One In A Billion” and “Criminal Love," are soundtracks from the "Dark Moon" series that were released in 2022 and 2023, respectively.

“We would like to say that ‘Memorabilia’ is a story of the ‘Dark Moon’ series and Enhypen,” the band said in a press release Monday. “The charm of the album is that its songs depict various emotions and situations in the series through various genres.”

“The album will remain a special piece to us as we felt like we were the vampire boys in the series while working on the album,” the band added.

“Memorabilia” is a special album based on HYBE’s original “Dark Moon” fantasy series, which includes vampires designed and characterized after Enhypen members who are students at a high school in Riverfield.

Another B-side track, "Scream," depicts the aspirations of the boys in the series, whose identities are across between a human and a vampire, who promise themselves to constantly move forward, the agency added.

The album will also include two unit songs, which are a first for Enhypen — "Teeth" and "Lucifer."

“Teeth,” sung by Jungwon, Heeseung, Sunoo and Ni-Ki, is about the boys’ sense of power as vampires and the underlying emptiness behind the power. “Lucifer,” performed by Jay, Jake and Sunghoon, is about the wounded hearts of the vampire boys.

Following the album's title, “Memorabilia,” which refers to a collection of souvenirs, the album will also include various merchandise, such as key chains and name cards featuring Decelis Academy from the series, Belift Lab said.

The “Dark Moon” story came in tandem with a webtoon series titled “Dark Moon: The Blood Altar,” based on Enhypen in January 2022. The prequel to the story, “Children of Vamfield,” is currently serialized on Naver, with new episodes uploaded every Saturday.

Enhypen debuted under Belift Lab, a subsidiary label under HYBE, in 2020 with its EP "Border: Day One." The seven-member boy band was formed through Mnet and HYBE's audition reality show "I-Land" in September of the same year. The members are Sunghoon, Jay, Jake, Jungwon, Heeseung, Sunoo and Ni-Ki.

The band recently finished its U.S. leg of its “Fate Plus” world tour earlier this month at UBS Arena in New York.

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