Enhypen's Jay to release new single with Japanese rock band GLAY

Enhypen's Jay, pictured in the center, and Japanese rock band GLAY [BELIFT LAB]

Enhypen’s Jay has collaborated with Japanese rock band GLAY to release the single “whodunit-GLAY × JAY(ENHYPEN)-/Share” on May 29 as part of GLAY’s 30th anniversary celebrations.

Jay is featured in and credited with writing the lyrics for the single’s lead track, "whodunit-GLAY × JAY(ENHYPEN)-," the singer’s label Belift Lab said Thursday.

This is the Enhypen member’s first time writing lyrics in Japanese. He is credited with writing the lyrics for “Sweet Venom,” the lead track of the band’s fifth EP “Orange Blood.”

“To mark the 30th anniversary of our debut, we decided to produce a song that is befitting of the new start of GLAY’s career,” Glay’s guitarist and leader Takuro said through Belift Lab's press release.

“We encountered Jay, his vocals and passion for rock […] and pushed for a collaboration with him because we thought we would have interesting chemistry.”

Jay said through the press release that he was “honored” to join in the production of GLAY’s album.

“It was a special experience writing lyrics for and recording music with GLAY's members,” the singer said. “I sang my best in the hope of reaching many people’s hearts.”

Jay debuted as a member of Enhypen in November 2020 after the band was formed through Mnet and HYBE’s audition show “I-LAND,” which aired in September the same year.

Enhypen is currently on its “Fate Plus” tour, an extension of the band’s “Fate” world tour. The band kicked off its encore concerts in the United States with a performance in Anaheim on Wednesday.

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