Epik High to hold encore concert in March

Hip-hop trio Epik High will hold a concert at the Inspire Arena in March [MOHEGAN INSPIRE]

Hip-hop group Epik High will hold a one-day concert on March 16 at the Inspire Arena as an encore to its 20th anniversary concert held last year.

The concert is a follow-up to the group’s three back-to-back concerts in December, which marked the group’s 20th year since its debut in 2003, and drew a total of 15,000 concertgoers over the three days.

Two concerts were originally planned, but high demand had the group adding a third. Seats for all three concerts sold out immediately upon ticket opening.

Tickets for the upcoming encore concert will open to the public on Tuesday at Interpark.

Epik High was formed in 2001 and debuted with its full-length album “Map of the Human Soul” in 2003. The trio consists of members Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz.

The group found mainstream success with the lead track “Fly” from the album “Swang Songs” (2003) and has since released hit songs including “Love Love Love” (2007), “Umbrella” (2008) and “One Minute One Second” (2008), and featured in “Born Hater” (2014). Its most recent music is the group’s third EP, “Strawberry,” dropped in January 2023.

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