EXO-CBX trio begins solo ventures with INB100

Members Baekhyun, Ximuin and Chen of boy band EXO's subunit EXO-CBX [SM ENTERTAINMENT]

Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin of boy band EXO will start their solo careers at INB100, an agency newly founded by Baekhyun last July.

The three members — also the three members of EXO's subunit EXO-CBX — announced Monday that they will "start anew" with various activities at an independent label founded by Baekhyun.

The members said they will continue their EXO group activities under the management of EXO's agency SM Entertainment.

"Baekhyun, Xiumin and Chen's solo activities will take place at the independent label with the mutual agreement with SM Entertainment," INB100 said in a press release.

"Now 13 years into their career, the EXO-CBX members have been repeatedly asking themselves about their future and many more regarding the life of an artist after their 20s, especially in a fast-changing K-pop. The beginning of this label is based on their long deliberation and ambitions."

INB100 will aim to respect each member's uniqueness and individuality, especially by helping them experiment by producing their own work, according to the company.

SM Entertainment reiterated that the three members will continue their EXO activities as planned based on their contracts with the agency.

Member D.O. is also signed to another agency, Company Soosoo, for his individual activities, including singing and acting.

"All eight members of EXO will continue as a group to present new music and performances," SM Entertainment said on Monday. "They will take part in EXO's meet and greet planned for April as well as other activities to continuously meet with the fans."