Filming for 'Dog Days' with Youn Yuh-jung wraps

From top row left are actors Yoo Hae-jin, Youn Yuh-jung and Kim Yun-jin. From bottom row left are actors Jung Sung-hwa, Kim Seo-hyung, Lee Hyun-woo and Tang Jun-sang [ILGAN SPORTS]

The upcoming film "Dog Days" (translated) starring Academy Award-winning actor Youn Yuh-jung concluded filming in late March and is set to premiere, according to CJ ENM on Thursday,

"Dog Days" revolves around pet owners who meet each other in a vet's office.

Youn plays a scrupulous architect named Min-seo. She lives alone with her dog named Wanda. Another veteran actor Yoo Hae-jin portrays a landlord named Min-sang who does not like dogs.

Actor Kim Seo-hyung portrays a veterinarian with an easygoing attitude named Jin-young, and actors Kim Yun-jin and Jung Sung-hwa portray a couple who have just become new parents.

Hollywood actor Daniel Henney is also part of the movie's cast as a character named Daniel who goes to the house of his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend because he misses her pet dog Sting. The new boyfriend is portrayed by actor Lee Hyun-woo. Actor Tang Jun-sang plays Jin-woo, an impecunious part-time delivery worker.

The upcoming film is director Kim Deok-min's debut work. He has worked on the films "Keys to the Heart" (2018) and "Hero" (2020) as an assistant director.

The premiere date of "Dog Days" has not yet been set.