Filming for Japanese director Sabu's first Korean-language film to begin this month

From left, actors Lee Ji-hoon, Lee Yoon-woo and Shin Soo-hyang will star in Japanese director Sabu's first Korean-language film "Under Your Bed." [RESPECTIVE AGENCIES]

The filming for the first Korean-language film by Japanese director Sabu will begin this month.

According to film distributor Mystery Pictures, “Under Your Bed” is adapted from a Japanese novel with the same title by Kei Ohishi. It is a suspense thriller about a man’s twisted concept of love and how he deals with loneliness.

Actor Lee Ji-hoon will portray the protagonist Ji-hoon. Rookie actor Lee Yoon-woo will portray Ji-hoon’s first love Ye-eun, and Shin Soo-hyang will portray Ye-eun’s husband Hyung-oh.

Sabu, whose real name is Hiroyuki Tanaka is known for works such as his directorial debut “Dragon Runner” (1996), “Postman Blues” (1997), “Monday” (2000), “Drive” (2002) and “Blessing Bell” (2002).