Five former Loona members to debut as ARTMS in May

Girl group ARTMS [MODHAUS]

Girl group ARTMS will debut on May 31 with a full-length album, the girl group’s agency Modhaus said Thursday.

ARTMS consists of five members of Loona: Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, Cheorry and Haseul.

ARTMS’s first full-length album will be called “DALL.”

“DALL” stands for “Devine All Love & Live.” Devine, a twist on the word divine, will be a secretive key phrase in the album, according to Modhaus.

Starting with “Birth” on March 29, ARTMS will be releasing a total of four “premiere singles” before the full release of “DALL.” The second single will drop on April 11, followed by the third and fourth on April 25 and May 10. The names of the upcoming singles have not yet been revealed.

“Birth” was chosen as the group’s first single through Gravity, the group’s unique service that allows fans to vote on ARTMS’ future activities.

Girl group ARTMS will debut on May 31 with a full-length album. [MODHAUS]

ARTMS was formed in April last year after a court suspended Loona members' exclusive contract with BlockBerry Creative. The five members began solo and unit activities last year, with Kim Lip, Jinsoul and Cheorry continuing their subunit trio Odd Eye Circle in July, followed by the release Heejin’s first solo EP “K” and Haseul’s solo concert “Music Studio 81.8Hz” in October.

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